1. How do I shop?





Getting to know the group
Collect first impressions of the topic
Reflection on purchasing behavior


15 minutes

Further information

Through positioning, the participants get to know each other better. Who acts like me? Who behaves differently?

The armchairs are moved to the side so that there is enough space to move around. The trainer places a chair in a corner. This stands for 100% (always). Another armchair is placed on the opposite side of the room. This stands for 0% (never). Both armchairs form a line from 0 – 100%.

The trainer now asks the participants one question after the other. Depending on their personal assessment, the participants position themselves between the chairs. This means that the participants assess the percentage of the statement that applies to them.

After each statement, the still image is discussed.

Possible questions:

  • Before every purchase, I write myself a shopping list.
  • When shopping, I always spend more money than I planned.
  • For large purchases, I get at least three offers.
  • When I’m having a bad day, I buy myself a little something to cheer me up.
  • I like to spend money on gifts.
  • I enjoy my vacation. I don’t look at the money.
  • When I’ve had a hard time, I reward myself with a purchase.
  • I buy things because my friends have them.