1. How much do I spend on …


Individual work and plenum


Getting to know the group. Discussion about spending behavior


Enclosure “How much do I spend on …” (7 pieces of paper) copy in DIN A3 format if possible



15 minutes

Further information

Movement helps the participants to arrive. It helps you get talking.

The 7 pieces of paper are pinned to a pin board or glued to a suitable place. The participants stand up and read through the individual areas. With a pen, they mark the area of ​​each poster that applies to them. Then they sit down again.

As soon as all participants have evaluated, posters are discussed together.

Possible questions:

Which spending area did most choose?

What exactly are higher expenses?

What expenses are included? (e.g. repairs, parking fees, etc. were also included in the car)

And everything else that seems interesting.

Annex “How much do I spend on…”