2. Income and expenses


Individual work (list) – Plenary (debriefing)


Reflecting on one’s own income and expenditure

Identifying “blind spots”


File “Income_expenses” for each participant




35 minutes

Further information

It is important that each participant fills out the list individually. The results are NOT discussed in the group. The point of the exercise is to determine which positions the participants are aware of and which positions the participants do not know – where their “blind spots” are.

All participants receive a list and a pen and look for a place where they can work in peace.

They should consider how much money they earn or spend each month in the individual areas and enter the amounts accordingly in the list.

Amounts that do not accrue every month should be converted to one month (e.g. divide annual insurance by 12).

Areas that the participants do not know should be marked with a “?”. This should make them aware of which areas they should pay more attention to in the future.

The list stays with each participant and is NOT discussed in detail in the plenum.

After about 20 minutes, the list is completed and the participants return to the plenum.

Now we will briefly discuss how the participants fared during the exercise.

Was it easy or difficult?

If difficult, which areas were difficult?

Then the following points are collected on a flipchart:

  1. What do I need a lot of money for? What are my money guzzlers?
  2. What expenses fluctuate a lot each month?

File “Income Expenses”