4. “Saving tips” brain writing


Group work and plenary session




Supplement “Saving tips” on a flipchart or DIN A3 copy



45 minutes

Further information


5 small groups are formed. Each group chooses a writer.

Each group receives a poster with one of the 5 areas. The group members exchange which savings tips they can think of for the respective area. The writers record what is said on the poster.

After 5 minutes the process is stopped. The posters are passed clockwise to the next group. The group members now read through what has already been written and add their tips for the new area to the posters. The groups have 5 minutes again. After that, the posters will be passed on again.

This continues until all groups have received their original poster again.

Now each group reads out the results of their poster. If anything is unclear, ask. If anyone has anything else to add, it will be noted on the poster.

Annex “Saving tips”