2. SHOP oder FLOP


Group work and plenum


Getting to know the group. Exchange of experiences already made. Reflection on one’s own online purchasing behavior

visible the beneficial and hindering factors in online shopping.


“Online shopping”

 Annex  “Puzzle” annex

Note, pens, scissors



45 minutes


Small groups of 3 to 4 participants are formed. Each group will receive an online shopping annex.

The groups have 10 minutes to exchange ideas and answer the questions. The results are then discussed in plenary.

The most important answers are recorded on a flipchart.

Each group then receives a printout of the “puzzle pieces” file (1 set of 14 puzzle pieces)

The puzzle consists of 9 “correct” pieces (whereby the matching middle piece generally stands for security when shopping online) and 5 “inappropriate” pieces.

The groups should cut out the pieces and then put them together. 

Creativity is required: It is important to find out that not ALL 14 pieces make a puzzle, but only one piece (9) and one piece (5) does not fit.

If the puzzle could be completed with the 9 correct ones, the subject of which parts fit or don’t fit and why is discussed.

Annex “Online shopping”

Enclosure “Puzzle”