2. What are the different income types?


Small group and plenary


Exchange about different possibilities of revenue


Moderation cards and pens

Pin board, pins


25 Minutes

Form small groups of 2 to 3 participants. Each group is given a pen and a piece of paper with moderation cards. Ask them to think about the different sources of income they know. From regular income, to grants and subsidies, and other types of income. Only one term is written on each moderation card.

After 10 minutes, the groups return to the plenary and present their results to each other.

The cards are pinned under the following heading cards:

  1. Regular income
  2. Allowances / subsidies
  3. Other

Here is just an overview of possible answers:

regular income

Allowances / Subsidies

Other income

Wage (blue-collar workers)

Family allowance


Salary (white-collar workers)

Housing allowance

Gambling winnings

Unemployment benefit

Social assistance

Private sale of things


Prescription fee waiver

Flea market

Salary (civil servants)

Television licence Fee waiver


Private withdrawal (self-employed)

Study grant


Childcare allowance

School allowance

Cash gifts

Orphan’s pension

Commuter allowance


Widow’s pension

Various discounts (e.g. for pensioners, pupils, …)

Rental income

Alimony / maintenance

Nursing allowance


Apprentice indemnity

Heating allowance


Emergency assistance



Accident pension



Foreign pension