3. What are the compulsory taxes we pay?


Small group and plenary


Address the compulsory contributions that have to be made.

Clarify what is financed with the contributions paid.


Annex “Which compulsory taxes are to be paid?”


Presentation “Compulsory taxes”




50 Minutes



Many people often do not know what money is deducted from their income. This exercise is intended to specifically address this issue and shed light on the subject.

In this exercise we will use the 3 largest groups of taxpayers. The same taxes often apply to other groups (e.g. farmers, civil servants, miners, …). However, taking these groups into account would go beyond the scope of the exercise.


Form small groups of 2 to 3 participants. Each group receives a pen and a copy of the annex “What are the compulsory contributions we pay?”

The participants should think about which obligatory contribution each specific group has to pay.

Next, they can make an estimate as to what percentage it means:

  • of the “gross salary/wage” for the groups “employees/workers” and “employers”
  • of the “annual profit” for the group “business owners/new self-employed”

After 10 minutes the groups return to the plenary.

The trainer solves the exercise with the help of the presentation “Compulsory taxes” or the table on the next page.

Annex “Which compulsory taxes are to be paid?”

Solution “Which compulsory taxes are to be paid?”