Me and my money

About this topic

This topic is ideally suited as an introductory module if several blocks of this curriculum are to be implemented.
By dealing with the general and above all one’s own view of the area of dealing with money, money is detached from the pure numerical value. We become aware of the extent to which money affects our lives and society.
From an early age we are shaped by the topic of money and adopt patterns and solution strategies that have a massive impact on our everyday lives.
Through conscious reflection, one’s own point of view should be made conscious and expanded.

Framework data

Target group


●      in the field of education, training and further education

●      in measures of the labor market service

●      in residential groups and social institutions

●      in other courses, etc.


Time frame

80 – 100 minutes



Room with sufficient space for undisturbed individual work


Learning goals

  • Reflecting on one’s own attitude to the topic of money, consumption and
  • happiness with everyday language and its meaning
  • Become aware of your own handling of money (which patterns have I adopted? Which procedures have I adopted myself?)
  • Getting to know other ways of handling money Expanding your
  • own resources by exchanging ideas with others

    Schedule – overview

    Methods Pool

    Duration in minutes


    1. Talking about money
    General questions on the topic start an exchange within the group. 





    2. Money proverbs
    By dealing with proverbs it is shown to what extent money is an issue in our society.

    Annex “Money Sayings”


    25 – 35



    3. Money biography
    2 questionnaires on the past and future help the participants to reflect on how they deal with money.

    Annex  “Looking into the past”

    Annex “Looking at the present”





    1. Talking about money


    Plenary session


    Getting to know the group. Exchange of own opinion.


    15 minutes

    Further information

    Movement helps the participants to arrive. It helps you get talking.

    2. Money Sayings


    Small group followed by a plenary session


    Reflection on everyday language, getting to know the group and finding out who has similar opinions


    Variant 1: 25 minutes / Variant 2: 35 minutes

    3. Money biography


    Individual work followed by a plenary session


    The participants reflect on their money biography and become aware of what works well.


    40 minutes


    Copy for each participant of the annex “Looking into the past” and “Looking at the present”

    Flipchart and pens