1. Talking about money


Plenary session


Getting to know the group. Exchange of own opinion.


15 minutes

Further information

Movement helps the participants to arrive. It helps you get talking.

The plenum is divided into 2 groups. A group with their chairs forms an outer circle. The other group forms an inner circle and sits down so that all participants have someone opposite.

Then the questions listed below are asked of the participants. The participants now have 2 minutes to give each other the answer to the question.

After 2 minutes, the participants in the inner circle stand up and move one seat clockwise.

The next question is asked and the participants answer the new person opposite.

Any number of questions can be asked.

Possible questions:

What do you need to be happy?

When do you feel rich?

What do you think money can’t buy?

What if you won 1 million euros?