2. Money Sayings

Setting Small group followed by a plenary session
Goal Reflection on everyday language, getting to know the group and finding out who has similar opinions
Duration Variant 1: 25 minutes / Variant 2: 35 minutes

Variant 1

Material: Paper, pens and the sayings cut out from the “Money Sayings” annex


Small groups are formed with a maximum of 4 people. The existing sayings about money are distributed evenly among all groups. Each group selects at least 3 of these sayings. More can be taken.

Now they have 5 minutes to think about how to represent the individual sayings in a drawing, in pantomime or in words.

Then each group presents the sayings in the selected form to the other participants and they have to guess the phrase.

After each saying, the large group is asked about the meaning of the phrase.

Variant 2

Material: Cards for participants in the colors red/yellow/green


The participants each receive a set of cards in the 3 colors.

The trainer reads one of the money spells in the “Money Spells” annex. The individual participants consider for themselves whether they like the saying and then lift the corresponding card as an answer.

Red = don’t agree / don’t like

Yellow = partly / partly

Green = agree / like

The result is then discussed in the group.

Annex “Money Sayings”