2. Selection of a current account


Group work and plenary session


Examination and reflection on one’s own account. What is important to me? Do I have this now? Do I want something different from my bank?


Annex  “Choosing a current account”, flip charts and stickers


25 minutes

Groups with a maximum of 3 – 4 participants are formed. Each group receives a set of cards “Annex: Choosing a current account”, a flip chart and a sticker.

Each group exchanges information about the importance of the individual criteria and tries to establish an order.

The most important things are glued to the top of the flipchart. All others follow in descending order down to the least important at the bottom.

Each group then presents their result and describes the group process.

Possible questions

Was it difficult to find a ranking?

Where were there different opinions?

Does anyone want to change banks based on the new findings?

Annex “Choosing a current account”