3. Payment methods MEMORY


Group and plenary session


Discussing the different payment options


“MEMORY” annex – ​​one set of 54 cards per group


25 minutes

Additional information

The focus is not on detailed knowledge of the individual methods, but on the variety of options with their respective opportunities and risks.

Using many different payment systems increases the risk of losing track of your finances (especially expenses). A conscious decision for or against individual systems is helpful when dealing with this diversity.

Groups of 3 to a maximum of 5 participants are formed. Each group receives a set of MEMORY cards. Each group plays for itself. After the row, each TN may turn over two cards. If they match, he may keep them and draw them again. If they do not match, the cards are turned over again and it is the turn of the next participant.

Once all groups have finished playing, the winners present their cards and explain what they are about. The trainer completes.

 Annex “Payment types”