3. Magic triangle of investment


Group work – plenary session (debriefing)


Examine different investment options

Becoming aware of the interrelationship of the individual factors of the magic triangle of investment


Annex “Magic triangle of investment”


Flipcharts with the “Magic triangle of investment”


35 minutes

Further information

By positioning the individual investment options, the participants should become aware that every type of investment has advantages and disadvantages. It is not possible to achieve 100% of all 3 factors (security, yield, liquidity). Depending on personal attitude and the desired goal, everyone has to find the right type of system for themselves.

Small groups of 2 to 3 participants are formed. Each group is given a set of “Magic triangle of investment” cards and a flipchart on which the “Magic triangle of investment” is drawn.

The individual forms of investment are discussed together and an attempt is made to place them on the magic triangle.

After about 15 minutes, the participants return to the plenum and the results are discussed.

Possible questions

Which forms of investment do the groups agree on?

Which ones have different opinions?

Has anyone been attracted to a certain form of investment?

Annex “Magic Triangle of Investments”