4. Insurance and insurance claims


Pairs  and in a plenary session


Exchange information about insurance

Getting to know different types of insurance


Supplement “Insurance” – 1st round

Supplement “Insurance claims” – 2nd round




40 minutes

Further information

The collection on the flipchart gives you a first impression which insurance companies are already known.

The participants form groups of 2. Each group is given a questionnaire annex “Insurance”.

After 10 minutes, the participants return to the plenum.

The results are discussed. The individual types of insurance are collected and discussed on a flipchart.

After that, the participants are again sent in groups of 2.

This time you will receive the annex “Insurance claims”. You should try to assign the appropriate insurance to the individual insured events.

After 10 minutes, the participants return to the plenum and the results are compared and discussed.

Annex “Insurance”

Annex “Insured events”